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NICHE style Holiday 2017

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Holiday Glitter Gift Guide. 20+ pages of great gift ideas. The Tiffany Diamond


NICHE magazine STYLE MAGAZINE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF | CREATIVE DIRECTOR TRACEY DRAKE CREATIVE & EDITORIAL AL Models NY, Karolina Antonaides, Jennifer Costanzo, Coultish Models, Jane Cross, Elizabeth Dean, Tracey Drake, Emily Foley, Brittany Gray, Leonie Hanne, Eric Himel, Dana Hutchings, Fusun Lindner, Stephanie Anne McKay, Rebecca Smith (, Debbie Steeper, Sylvia Tennant, Flavia Desranges Van Der Linden PAGE 44 Outside the holiday box. Special occasion fashion with a kick. PHOTOGRAPHY Adobe Stock, Casa Kimberly, Chloe, Cosmedica Laser Centre, Clarins Group, Chanel, Steve Drake, Everett Collection, FashionStock. com, Fashion Wire Press, Anastasia Fursova, Alexander Galievsky, Getty Images, Go Runway, Theory Couture, Dana Hutchings, Mara Hoffman, Isabel Marant, Marta McAdams, Joy Oelen, Anton Oparin, Lev Radin, Naina Redhu, Jo-Ann Richards, Nata Sha, Debbie Steeper, Shutterstock, Styleograph, TopFoto, Louis Vuitton, Zimmermann SALES & CIRCULATION DIRECTOR STEVE DRAKE ADVERTISING INQUIRIES | All rights reserved. No part of NICHE magazine may be copied, reprinted or reproduced without prior written consent from the publisher. For permission requests, contact NICHE magazine Copyright © NICHE magazine 2012-2017 8 . HOLIDAY 2017 CONNECT WITH NICHE ONLINE

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