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NICHE style Summer 2017

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Summer for NICHE magazine means throwing out the rule book! It’s a time when you can wear whatever you want - from dresses and summer suits to swimwear and short shorts. It is the months where natural beauty, bare faces, tousled hair and red lips all get along. It is perhaps the only season when anything goes - and it often does!


NICHE magazine Eric Himel’s STYLISH LIFE SUMMER 2017 ERIC HIMEL is a widely known celebrity stylist, fashion and media personality. Himel attended Parson’s School of Design and trained under Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, then moved to Los Angeles and began his styling career, expanding his business across North America. Himel’s roster of celebrity clientele has included Jenny McCarthy, Giuliana Rancic, Pete Wentz, and Gabby Douglas. He’s best known for his signature Closet Purge and now leverages the online landscape, offering Virtual Styling Sessions - What are the two main ingredients of summer chic? Looking cool and feeling cool. Loose dresses in light fabrics paired with designers’ au courant trends will keep you summer-ready for the hottest of days — and nights. SHIPS AHOY! Stripes: With a nod to the nautical and the sea, stripes are everywhere this season in every iteration, from thin to wide cabana stripes. Adam Lippe EASY BREEZY SUMMER CHIC Dolce & Gabbana SULTRY NIGHTS Night Time: The combination of a light and airy garment with sheer or cutout details can elevate a daytime dress making it intoxicatedly perfect for summer nights. DON’T BE A WALL FLOWER Florals: Bright to muted, big to small and day-to-night, florals are the epitome of summer. 56 . SUMMER 2017

THEY CALL ME MELLOW YELLOW Yellow: Bright and cheery, this color literally mimics sunny days! But remember, find the perfect yellow for your coloring be it primary yellow, marigold, or butter. KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON Shirt Dresses: With the ease of wearing your husband’s or boyfriend’s oversized shirt, this trend works on any body! Elizabeth and James Alexander Wang ERIC’S STYLE TIPS . . . . Don’t be vertically challenged - avoid horizontal stripes. Consult a makeup artist at the beauty counter to see if your skin skews yellow or green. If it does, avoid yellow! Make sure you pick a shirt dress with a little sumthin’ sumthin’ going on so it doesn’t look like you are wearing just a shirt! There’s a fine line between sheer and slutty - don’t cross it. Avoid the ‘tourist off the cruise ship in Hawaii’ florals. WWW.NICHE.STYLE . 57

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