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NICHE style Summer 2017

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Summer for NICHE magazine means throwing out the rule book! It’s a time when you can wear whatever you want - from dresses and summer suits to swimwear and short shorts. It is the months where natural beauty, bare faces, tousled hair and red lips all get along. It is perhaps the only season when anything goes - and it often does!


NICHE magazine BALENCIAGA 84 . SUMMER 2017

As Meryl Streep’s character, Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada sarcastically stated: “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking,” to some this might ring true, however, this season the floral prints really were groundbreaking. The flowers for S/S 2017 are so different in color, scale, fabrication and mood that designers thought it best to go all out with full blooms. From Rococo-style jacquard with ruffles and raw hems at Marques’ Almeida, to subdued blousy 1970’s bouquets at Chloe and neon carnations at Balenciaga. There is nothing standard about these arrangements this season. The looks are certainly bold, however, there is always an option for everyone when it comes to a trend. Here are some ideas on how to wear this trend, go for a statement with bright floral prints. Don’t be afraid of mixing in another print through your shoes or bag. If you need help choosing a flower, go for the pansy. After Christopher Kane sent an entire collection inspired by the pansy down the runway, everyone will want to be wearing pansies on their clothes. If you are ready to embrace this trend fully, make your shoes match your blouse and skirt. You can get away with wearing the same print on everything. Finally, modernize your floral dresses for summer by layering them over a trouser in a matching print. MARQUES’ ALMEIDA How will you style your wallpaper floral print? WWW.NICHE.STYLE . 85

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