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NICHE style Summer 2017

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Summer for NICHE magazine means throwing out the rule book! It’s a time when you can wear whatever you want - from dresses and summer suits to swimwear and short shorts. It is the months where natural beauty, bare faces, tousled hair and red lips all get along. It is perhaps the only season when anything goes - and it often does!


NICHE magazine face time. ME. PART ONE. I’m taking an honest and inside look at the world of modern anti-aging, and over the next three issues of NICHE magazine, I will share my personal experience with several facial rejuvenation treatments under the care of world renowned dermatologist and anti-aging expert Dr. Mark Lupin of Cosmedica. A few years back I turned 50, and it wasn’t until then, I really started to notice a difference in how my skin was aging. With grown children, grandchildren and a very busy career life, it wasn’t just age that was catching up with me. Long work days, stress, travel and not enough down time was also taking a toll on my skin. I was ready to make some positive changes, and that did include diet and exercise, but those didn’t address deep facial lines, lackluster skin or excess fat under my chin. I wanted a solution, but I certainly didn’t want anything surgical or unnatural looking. I just wanted to be me - only more refreshed. I turned to Dr. Mark Lupin at Cosmedica. I cannot say enough about the professional team at Cosmedica - honestly, the nicest group who sincerely Before photo taken August 2016 Aging is not lost youth — but a new stage — of opportunity AND STRENGTH. -BETTY FRIEDAN 86 . SUMMER 2017

care. I felt safe at Cosmedica, I felt well cared for. I felt pampered. After a thorough intake interview, and before a single treatment recommendation, Dr. Lupin put me on two GliSODin skin nutrient supplements; Advanced Diuretic Formula to alleviate my chronic fluid retention and Skin Brightening Formula to enhance photo-protection and improve skin tone clarity. The next course of action was to get my skin helping itself again. That started with the Clarisonic Smart Profile sonic face cleaning device - which I am now addicted to! Next came the Skinceuticals Advanced Clinical Skincare products and oh my gosh, my skin loves it! I cannot start (or end) my day without Skinceuticals. I use CE Ferulic, Metacell B3 and A.G.E Eye Complex (AM) and Retexturing Activator Serum and Resveratrol BE (PM). Once my skin was on track and in a better state to receive treatment, (and I must also say, already looking remarkably healthier after just two weeks on the new skincare regimen), I was scheduled for part one of my rejuvenation - Botox Cosmetic and CoolSculpting. WWW.NICHE.STYLE . 87

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