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NICHE style Summer 2017

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Summer for NICHE magazine means throwing out the rule book! It’s a time when you can wear whatever you want - from dresses and summer suits to swimwear and short shorts. It is the months where natural beauty, bare faces, tousled hair and red lips all get along. It is perhaps the only season when anything goes - and it often does!


NICHE magazine Botox Botox has become a household word and part of the English vocabulary. The key to successful treatments is to look natural. It is more than a wrinkle relaxer, Botox has also been shown to improve our moods – not surprising that if we look more relaxed, we can feel more upbeat as well. Beyond its cosmetic uses, Botox is used in children to treat spasticity, is approved to treat chronic migraines, and works amazingly well to treat underarm sweating. Botox Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA for injection) is the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure performed worldwide, and considered safe when adminstered by a physician. DR. LUPIN ON BOTOX “With 25 years experience providing Botox treatments, and as a teacher of physicians on advanced techniques, I aim for very natural looking results. For Tracey, the objective was to help reveal her beautiful inner self by relaxing areas like the frown and crows feet while lifting the brows and corners of the mouth.” but I hate it. Deep vertical lines between my eyes, ever deepening crows feet, and a slight slackening around my mouth from tension and concentration (and age). Botox is a quick prick of a needle and in just a few minutes, it’s over and done. I went right back to work, and within a week, I could see the results which were natural and impressive. I have never had anyone ask me if I had Botox – only if I was traveling again, because I looked well rested. Since Dr. Lupin was one of the first physicians to introduce the cosmetic use of Botox in Canada, I knew I was in very capable hands.” face it. MY TAKE ON BOTOX “Botox is an editor’s best friend, in my opinion! I spend my days reading articles, creating editorial calendars and carefully scrutinizing fashion photography. My editor’s scowl, is definitely very well earned Disclaimer: With any treatment, results vary. It is important to choose a physician and clinic that are reputable, experienced and where you feel comfortable, Ask for credentials. 88 . SUMMER 2017

CoolSculpting CoolSculpting is proven technology that quite literally cools areas of unwanted fat on the body, arms and chin to the point that the body then gradually removes the treated areas – leaving a more sculpted appearance. Treatments are completely painless and the slimming results gradually appear over a 3-month period. And just as thrilling – results are permanent – without surgery or drastic measures. State of the art treatment centers, like Cosmedica, take it to the next level with DualSculpting – using two machines to treat patients in half the time. The CoolMini, which is the CoolSculpting treatment I had, removes chin fat. DR. LUPIN ON COOLSCULPTING “The word ‘CoolSculpting’ speaks for itself – literally a cool way to help shape the body by comfortably cooling unwanted areas of fat such as on the tummy, hips, thighs, arms and even the chin. Tracey enjoyed Cosmedica’s added benefit of Dualsculpting – utilizing two CoolSculpting machines with the newest CoolAdvantage applicators, providing quicker and more efficient treatments. Literally, she could work on her emails during the treatments, then watch and feel the gradually slimming of those treated areas over the next several weeks.” MY TAKE ON COOLSCULPTING “The CoolSculpting treatment was so easy. Once the machines were attached to my chin area, I had about an hour to sit with my cell phone and catch up on email. Considering I don’t get much uninterrupted alone time, I call that a bonus! It was not painful at all, and the time passed quickly. It was so unintrusive, I could have napped through it. I had minor swelling in my neck area for about a week, and some numbness that was weird to touch and mildly uncomfortable for about ten days. It does take a few months before the frozen fat leaves your body and you see full results. Watch for the after photos (coming in a future issue).” in this article: Cosmedica | CoolSculpting® Botox Cosmetic® GliSODin Skin Nutrient Supplements Skinceuticals Advanced Skincare Clarisonic Sonic Cleaning Device DR. MARK LUPIN MD, FRCPC, DABD is a worldrenowned dermatologist, clinical instructor and lecturer in the field of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. With many publications to his name and often quoted as an expert in the media, he is dedicated to the advancement of best practices. Director and founder of Cosmedica Laser Centre, Dr. Lupin is uniquely qualified both in Dermatology as well as with additional training in Neurology. He has studied at Indiana University, the University of Southern California, Dalhousie University, University of Toronto and UBC, and has sub-specialty training in Photodermatology (interaction of light and skin) from prestigious St. John’s Hospital in London, England. WWW.NICHE.STYLE . 89

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