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NICHE style Summer 2017

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Summer for NICHE magazine means throwing out the rule book! It’s a time when you can wear whatever you want - from dresses and summer suits to swimwear and short shorts. It is the months where natural beauty, bare faces, tousled hair and red lips all get along. It is perhaps the only season when anything goes - and it often does!


NICHE magazine GIGI HADID | BEACH 2017 20 . SUMMER 2017

As the current ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger as well as gracing twenty Vogue covers by the age of 21, Hadid is unstoppable. From the most anticipated runways of fashion week to relaxing beach side, Hadid had to make our 2017 Beach top four! Growing up playing volleyball, Hadid brings a sporty aesthetic that embodies comfort and functionality, whilst hitting the sandy shores in style. Gigi’s Summer Go-To: A dainty necklace to contribute to effortless beach babe status. WWW.NICHE.STYLE . 21

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